Comprehensive Academic Support Services

Back to Basics Learning Academy, LLC is a sister company of Practical Behavior Solutions, LLC. A sister company is defined as an organization owned by the same person acting as a subsidiary. A subsidiary, in this context, is a closely related organization with a supplementary purpose. Back to Basics Learning Academy, LLC provides academic support for children participating in homeschool education.

How It Works:

Parents enroll their children in the home education program via their school district. Parents then contract with Back to Basics Learning Academy, LLC, to support their child’s home education program. Support consists of direct instruction in deficit skill areas, progress monitoring, portfolio management, and monitoring academic accommodations. At the end of each nine-week instructional period, parents will review and sign their child’s portfolio. Each completed nine-week portfolio must be saved and turned in to the child’s home district at the end of the school year. The child’s school district will review the portfolio and, upon satisfactory completion, will promote the child to the next grade.


Back to Basics Learning Academy, LLC takes responsibility for compiling and organizing each portfolio. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the home district receives, reviews and documents the child’s academic achievements. Adrienne Ellers will be available to the district office staff, with parent permission, to answer any questions or to provide any additional information needed.

Curriculum Materials:

Back to Basics Learning Academy, LLC, uses a hybrid model of online and direct instruction. For children on the standard curriculum, we utilize Time4Learning in tandem with direct instruction. For children who respond best to a modified curriculum, we utilize TeachTown. Both programs are aligned with current Florida State Standards, and most local districts are familiar with both. Each program provides us with the ability to access pre- and post-assessments that drive instruction and help us monitor each child’s progress. We also utilize ABC Mouse, Prodigy, and supplemental hands-on materials to ensure our children have every opportunity to master their target skills.


Academic support fees are due monthly, unless a family is utilizing a qualifying scholarship. Families paying via scholarship are eligible for a quarterly payment plan. Fees are all-inclusive, which means parents will not be asked to supply any instructional materials.